Using Costumes & Makeup In Magic Shows

The idea of magic, like all other show business, has different departments created to specialize around the special production process so that you can make sure that things are needed and systematized. One of these brilliant special queues could be the costume creating department. While they participate in the identical department, they all have their particular number of crews to make use of.

The costume department crew may serve as the performance dressers. Their task is not simply to assist the performers for your magic show but needs to be up beat, systematic, and arranged in everything that needs to be prepared. The costumes as well as the people involved may differ in a single show to a new. The costume designer should then be flexible competent to adapt the performers’ personalities for his or her costumes.

The whole costume department necessitates the beaders, sewers, make-up artists towards the hair and wigs. This special group working behind happens report back to your brain in the wardrobe department every meeting. They ought to be very energetic because the work they are doing demands plenty of travelling in a single set to a new.

A wardrobe assistant should always hold the following handy:

· Just a little box or pouch of safety pins. You can even identify a wardrobe crew with the safety pins pinned by themselves clothes.

· Needles with ready black or white-colored-colored threads for approximately the area repairs.

· Pencil

· Group of scissors

They are also used on different parts of responsibility for instance laundry, ironing, steaming, sorting and hanging of costumes, unpacking, costume repair, purchasing team for supplies, collecting and polishing of footwear, transporting constitute cases, delivering and acquiring of costumes within the dry cleaners, brushing of fur and wigs, as well as the creating of dressing rooms. Furthermore they conserve the magic show performers become their costumes although some are the types who collect all the materials used and send it well right packages. You will also have another group of people that will do all the emergency repairs.

The show must have dress tracks by which all costume assistants should have a replica since there are many shows everyday that could cause confusion. Dead costume could be the saying used to wardrobes that will not be applied again on one show.

The folks in the constitute crew are the types who setup the altering rooms and make certain once the performers’ constitute is not to heavy nor too light for just about any show. A make-up designer collects and pulls up all the supplies needed for body and face painting. These group undergo learning applying and searching after the grade of the cosmetics.

Listed below are the most effective constitute selections employed by professional magic show business proprietors:

· Ben Nye Theatrical Constitute – promises constitute for doing things and consistent quality.

· Color Cake Foundation Makeup – it easily blends for the skin that gives an even more perfect look. This is fantastic for oily and sensitive skin tones.

· Proscenium Series Creme Foundation – perfect for stage and also on film with this naturally changes the skin tone.

· Ben Nye Eyeshadow – this produces a dramatic eye style. Matte finish that includes stunning and shimmering number of colors for additional potent eye effects.

· Cream Highlights – it emphasizes the design of your skin. Conceals black under eyes in addition to projects hollowed mouth area illusion.

· Mellow Orange Concealer – provides enough natural color to pay for, tattoos, eyebags, scars, veins, etc.

Formats of the Magic Show

If you ever wanted to experience a magic show within your house, office or perhaps in a celebration that’s receiving out of your company, it’s helpful to know ahead of time the type of magic you’ll need performed. Initially, I believed a magician would only come in mothering sunday celebration after performing some website searches soon discovered that you have a quantity of items that magicians might be hired to accomplish.

In the event you wanted the magician to complete for just about any youthful children’s special birthday you would probably want methods plus a magician that has the ability to make balloon creatures.

Let us say you preferred the magician to entertain inside a party that you have an overabundance than 50 visitors? You would want the magician to bond using the visitors, normally speaking to the people groups of two-6, when performing their methods. This is often a method referred to as “strolling”. This permits the magician simply to walk in a single group to a new performing their methods in small doses with the event.

A “Formal Close-up Magic” format is pertinent for just about any small supper party as well as the magician usually can get the visitors connected using the methods. You’d normally look at this method in the restaurant unless of course obviously the magician was hired designed for any private supper party.

When you schedule the type of entertainment for almost any party you intend make certain that entertainers have what they really want ready prior to the show. Whether it’s a magician then you must have space provided to enable them to use. You’ll want the material to get age appropriate and you’d utilize somebody who is reliable, particularly if they are coming to your residence. Should you have any special demands or needs you would allow that be known whenever you were making the plans.

Marketing For Magicians – 3 Tips to obtain additional Magic Show Bookings

Many magicians are chilling out waiting for the phone to ring and wondering why their marketing is not working. If that is you, do not worry you’ll find things you can do to produce your marketing better and acquire more magic show bookings.

First, re-think your marketing material. In situation your materials are a maximum of how great your show is and the way funny you are, your prospects will probably tune out.

You need to discuss the benefits the clients could possibly get from booking your show. For example, let’s say you sell a training course on eating healthily with a school, try something such as this:

Following a show, your students may well be more familiar with the healthy choices at hands and searching toward trying a couple of from the ideas presented inside the show.

Your students can concentrate and acquire better grades after they consider using a couple of from the simple ideas presented in this particular interactive show.

Next, ensure there is a USP. No not UPS, the postal service, however a distinctive Feature. This is just what allows you to totally different from other performers.

How come a potential client hire you as compared to the guy lower the street? If you can’t answer that question, sit lower and decipher it. Ensure it is your saying within your marketing. For example:

Creating magical remembrances that keep going for a lifetime!


Altering habits through magic

Also .. Find something unique about yourself!

Finally, get lots of testimonials from past customers and rehearse them. Ask your clients to offer you an authentic evaluation. Use both negative and positive comments.

Utilize the good comments for referrals. Make bad comments and rehearse them that may help you increase your shows. Always focus on both bad and the good. The best way to improve is going to be open to critique.

Establishing Your Magic Shows: Part II – The Truly Amazing Begining to some Great Magic Show

The ultimate article described how to make a make an application for each magic trick which you might used in a magic show. This article demonstrate what type of information relating to each and every magic trick file you develop.

It becomes an important step, because getting these records in a nutshell processing file can be very useful afterwards procedures in stting your magic show.

Second Step

Each trick file will require these sections in this particular order:

Trick Name

Products Needed to do Trick

Setup Notes

Description of Effect

Performance Script


Trick Name

This needs little explanation. Utilize the trick’s original name or possibly a reputation it is possible to remember.

Products Needed to do Trick

This is considered the most significant areas of your file. You need to list in more detail every item required to perform the secret. I separate the consumables within the non-consumables. Consumables includes anything which is often used up through the performance. For example flashpaper, paper money, and lemons are listed as consumables within my bill in lemon trick. Separating the consumables means I am less inclined to miss them when packing up my show.

The non-consumables list is a good listing to make sure you’ve all that you should perform magic trick.

Setup Notes

This reminds you about any details to bear in mind when creating your trick. As methods come exterior and interior my performing repertoire, it is a nice symbol of tips I would have forgotten essentially haven’t performed this wonderful time trick shortly.

Description of Effect

You need to use the outline within the magic trick’s ad or write a brief one yourself. I have discovered it useful to experience a description handy must i be searching to incorporate methods with an approaching show. There is a vague idea (or none whatsoever) in what this trick is about.

Performance Script

This gives the entire script that we use to complete the key. I create everything I really do and say using a script. This really is really the baseline within my performance in the trick. Once the script is mastered I’m able to freely near script inside my performance.

Writing the script is a terrific way to browse the intersection from the magic trick along with your performing style. Sometimes round the script constantly. I notice just like a be employed in progress. It is a good exercise to avoid simply while using canned patter that’s incorporated using the secret. Try writing your individual script out for just about any magic trick or even more. You will be amazed while using reactions you obtain from your audience.

Finally, the script is a reasonably refresher there are performed the key shortly. I hated getting produced a great routine with an effect only to have forgotten nearly all it since i not used at all over a few years.


This contains all your ideas and ideas for your magic trick. Put all you need to remember or use the secret. This is a great place to record your insights about why the key didn’t play additionally for you thought it could.

The next article explains how to make a very useful listing for each magic demonstrate do.

Creating Your Magic Shows: Part I – The Important Thing Key to a great Magic Show

Imagine you’ve left on stage and just finished your opener to rave applause. Your show continues as being a well tuned fancy car until you are in a position to the fourth magic effect. You introduce this wonderful time trick as well as the audience quiets in eager anticipation. You begin to patter and out of the blue realize that the key wasn’t setup correctly. You can’t finish the key. You are standing in the heart of happens alone with no out and nowhere to go to. The crowd’s silence shifts from anticipation to nervousness. What now ??

I have had the experience which is disheartening. A witty retort like “you didn’t need to visit this trick anyway” or “bad magic” can be a disservice to both artist as well as the audience. I must express my simple method of creating magic shows which means this does not occur. This method will boost the professionalism from the show, free you to pay attention to your speed, and improve the grade of your show as viewed out of your customers. The bottom line is, it’ll increase your magic shows making your current customers beg to use you again and again. Why? You gaze and act more professional along with your customers will reward your elevated professionalism with elevated bookings. Happy customers mean happy magicians!

I guess there is a computer. This process is possible by hands but it is much easier getting a pc. You will need a workplace suite (word processor, worksheet, presentation software, etc.). Most computers range from the program already loaded about it. Prefer a good FREE office suite download Open Office at:

The First Step

You need to create a word processing make an application for each trick you need to perform at future magic shows. After I personalize the special moment trick, I create a make an application for it inside my word processor. The file name uses the following format:


For example, my Substitution Trunk Illusion file is Sub Trunk-08-12-2004.doc. This file name means Substitution Trunk Illusion file created on August 12, 2004. The file naming system enables me to merely keep close track of my most current file version this will let you backup of prior versions essentially ever choose to go back to them. I keep our magic trick files in the folder referred to as “Magic Methods” in my computer.

Next time we’ll uncover things to devote this file.

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