Creating Your Magic Shows: Part I – The Important Thing Key to a great Magic Show


Imagine you’ve left on stage and just finished your opener to rave applause. Your show continues as being a well tuned fancy car until you are in a position to the fourth magic effect. You introduce this wonderful time trick as well as the audience quiets in eager anticipation. You begin to patter and out of the blue realize that the key wasn’t setup correctly. You can’t finish the key. You are standing in the heart of happens alone with no out and nowhere to go to. The crowd’s silence shifts from anticipation to nervousness. What now ??

I have had the experience which is disheartening. A witty retort like “you didn’t need to visit this trick anyway” or “bad magic” can be a disservice to both artist as well as the audience. I must express my simple method of creating magic shows which means this does not occur. This method will boost the professionalism from the show, free you to pay attention to your speed, and improve the grade of your show as viewed out of your customers. The bottom line is, it’ll increase your magic shows making your current customers beg to use you again and again. Why? You gaze and act more professional along with your customers will reward your elevated professionalism with elevated bookings. Happy customers mean happy magicians!

I guess there is a computer. This process is possible by hands but it is much easier getting a pc. You will need a workplace suite (word processor, worksheet, presentation software, etc.). Most computers range from the program already loaded about it. Prefer a good FREE office suite download Open Office at:

The First Step

You need to create a word processing make an application for each trick you need to perform at future magic shows. After I personalize the special moment trick, I create a make an application for it inside my word processor. The file name uses the following format:


For example, my Substitution Trunk Illusion file is Sub Trunk-08-12-2004.doc. This file name means Substitution Trunk Illusion file created on August 12, 2004. The file naming system enables me to merely keep close track of my most current file version this will let you backup of prior versions essentially ever choose to go back to them. I keep our magic trick files in the folder referred to as “Magic Methods” in my computer.

Next time we’ll uncover things to devote this file.

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