Marketing For Magicians – 3 Tips to obtain additional Magic Show Bookings


Many magicians are chilling out waiting for the phone to ring and wondering why their marketing is not working. If that is you, do not worry you’ll find things you can do to produce your marketing better and acquire more magic show bookings.

First, re-think your marketing material. In situation your materials are a maximum of how great your show is and the way funny you are, your prospects will probably tune out.

You need to discuss the benefits the clients could possibly get from booking your show. For example, let’s say you sell a training course on eating healthily with a school, try something such as this:

Following a show, your students may well be more familiar with the healthy choices at hands and searching toward trying a couple of from the ideas presented inside the show.

Your students can concentrate and acquire better grades after they consider using a couple of from the simple ideas presented in this particular interactive show.

Next, ensure there is a USP. No not UPS, the postal service, however a distinctive Feature. This is just what allows you to totally different from other performers.

How come a potential client hire you as compared to the guy lower the street? If you can’t answer that question, sit lower and decipher it. Ensure it is your saying within your marketing. For example:

Creating magical remembrances that keep going for a lifetime!


Altering habits through magic

Also .. Find something unique about yourself!

Finally, get lots of testimonials from past customers and rehearse them. Ask your clients to offer you an authentic evaluation. Use both negative and positive comments.

Utilize the good comments for referrals. Make bad comments and rehearse them that may help you increase your shows. Always focus on both bad and the good. The best way to improve is going to be open to critique.